Consulting services

Lender’s Engineer :

The lender’s engineer (LE) is a representative of lending institutions such as banks and NBFCs.

What we do as Lenders Engineer

Study the technical feasibility of the project.
To identify, mitigate and limit the lending institutions risks with regards to the technical aspects of construction.
To do detailed review of project, based on the correct information and review of construction risks.

We also study the risk involved in the projects as below

The developer’s potential inability to service the debt.
The potential misuse of funds for the purpose other than allocated for.
Construction progress not keeping pace with disbursement.

Our Scope of work includes

Project site visits.
Review of technical documents and keep record.
Review of various project documents including land documents/ permits/Licenses/Approvals as applicable, contracts and technical documents etc.
Lender engineer report submission to Lenders and Developers.

Owner’s Engineer :

We as an Owner’s Engineer assist our clients in verification of complexity of project and reducing the risk in investment. We support project owner in all stages of the project to ensure successful project completion.

What we do as Owner’s engineer:

Risk minimization of budget overruns, environmental issues, procedural claims, quality issues and non-deliveries.
Assurance that technical and contractual requirements are met.
Comprehensive consulting services in all project phases.
Overall project cost control / control on investment.
Less risks for claims and contractual penalties.

Detail Project report (DPR):

We prepare DPR for the companies seeking the financial assistance for implementation of solar projects. This report covers certain aspect of projects as defined below.

Pramoters background/experience.
Product with capacity to be built up and processes involved.
Project locations.
Cost of the Project and Means of financing thereof.
Availability of utilities.
Technical arrangements.
Market Prospects and Selling arrangements.
Environmental aspects.
Profitability projections and Cash flows for the entire repayment period of financial assistance.

Feasibility Studies (Technological and Financial):

You have a business idea and want to know if it is feasible. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s a product or service. A feasibility study will provide you with the discipline and insight to reassure yourself that your idea is worthwhile pursuing. Furthermore, if you need to finance the business, lending institutions and investors, typically require a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success.

We carry out the Feasibility Studies for the solar business projects based on real scenario and market research which helps our clients to be confident to move ahead with their project.

Our feasibility reports incorporates topic mentioned as :

Proposed site at a glance.      Site location on map.
Land requirement.                  Availability of utilities.
Site photographs.                   Plot plan.
Substation location.                Project cost.
Feasibility estimates.              Key drivers for cost reduction.
PVSYST simulation results.     General plant schematic.

Procurement Assistance and supply chain management:

Our procurement assistance services help buyers and investors integrate risk and quality management into product supply contracts. We also provide vendor selection, qualification and product contracting services for buyers that leverage our large network of manufacturers/ suppliers/dealers relationships.

We mainly provide the Procurement assistance to the solar Installers and Project developers.

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