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CONREN Energy is One Stop Solar Energy and Energy Management solution Provider Company, founded and run by power sector veterans who have deep understanding of all the business segments in conventional and solar Energy sector.

CONREN Energy is powered and backed by the professionals having more than 10 years of experiences in providing engineering and energy management solutions across diverse area like Solar power, Thermal Power and Iron & steel Industry.

Some of the advantages of solar systems are

- solar photovoltaic installation, services pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, india
  1. Reduces your electricity bills.
  2. Net metering: Sell your over produced electricity to the utility company
    for even lower energy bills.
  3. Other Environmental benefits: Reduces your carbon impression, and run
    your home — and even your car — on clean, emission-free energy.
  4. Also residential solar systems increases your home’s resale value.

  • Conren Energy..,

    has got the specialization in providing the efficient rooftop solar solutions that are easy to install, operate and offer cost effective access to solar energy. We offer both off grid as well as Grid connected Solar Rooftop installations.

  • If you..,

    have idle rooftop, you can opt for your own solar power plant and can become the contributor for the green energy".

solar photovoltaic installation, services pune
  • CONREN Energy provides you OPEX/BOOT business model with a wide variety of financing options to suit the needs of diverse customers. To avail of the benefits of solar power, without upfront capital investment, CONREN Energy offers options like Pay-as-you-go (PPA) and operating lease models to our customers. We work with financial partners who own and lease the asset or sell electricity at discounted price under PPA, while CONREN Energy do design, installation and O&M of the plant. We also provide performance guarantee which assures that you get a definite quantum of electricity ensuring a fix savings on utility bill. The terms and guarantees on these plants vary with the plant size location and installation. Partnering with various financial services partners, and with CONREN Energy as the EPC provider, the customer enjoys, multiple benefits .

    • Long term security of energy tariff.

    • Significant cost savings on utility electricity bills.

    • No Upfront capital investment.

    • Trusted and highly experienced EPC, Operation & maintenance and monitoring of the solar plant ensuring guaranteed plant up times and performance.

solar photovoltaic installation, services pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, india
  • Design, Engineering, and Installation of Solar PV

  • Energy Auditing and Management

  • Consulting Services

  • O&M services of Solar Power Plant

  • Rooftop Solar Design, and Installation

Industrial Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Our solar panel installation process is altogether different from other companies, as we concentrate on solar fully. As solar system specialist, we take pride in furnishing our clients with top-quality equipments of solar systems, and installing it right in a right manner.

Conren Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a devoted solar service company. Solar is all we do, and we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality solar power services to residential and commercial property throughout Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur

Solar is a great way to lower your energy impression and save on your electric bills, month after month. Studies show that installing solar can significantly raise the value of your home.

Conren Energy Pvt. Ltd is a full-service solar service provider in Pune, Mumbai as well as in Nagpur, with everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy. Our team will oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system. Our experience engineering and installing high quality solar power systems for homes, also for commercial units, and our uncompromising service have made us an industry leader.

We, at Conren Energy Pvt. Ltd, know every home is different. Based on your home's architecture, our in-house engineering team will custom design your solar power system and your family's projected electrical needs.

Here is what to expect when you work with us

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